Graceville Uniting Church


The attractive and historic architecture of the Graceville Uniting Church Building and its visibility on a main arterial road have made it a popular venue with couples for weddings in Brisbane.

The layout of the building (with a central aisle and a sanctuary area) lends itself to very visible and attractive floral arrangements. This, and the outside setting also provides beautiful photo opportunities. The area for the bridal party is suitable for either small or large groups of attendants with great visibility of the ceremony and the signing of the register as it takes place.

Music can be provided from an organ as well as both acoustic and digital pianos. Access for playing of CDs is also available as is a suitable area for use by instrumental groups, e.g. string quartets or more modern groups. A number of microphones are available if solo or vocal groups are involved. A church musician is available for consultation with couples on suitable music when planning the ceremony. A peal of bells is provided both before and after the ceremony.

The cost of an organist, floral arrangements and a church officer to supervise ushers as well as the officiating minister are all covered by the package.

Wedding Bookings

For further information, or to book your wedding please contact:

Rev Aaron Moad
Phone: 07 3379 6372
Address: 215 Oxley Rd Graceville


Graceville Uniting Church is involved with companies which provide Wedding Blessing Ceremonies for Japanese couples. The service is similar to a wedding ceremony but is clearly identified as a Christian Blessing for a Marriage which has already taken place in Japan.

The couples are frequently alone, but sometimes family members and friends accompany them to share in the service.

The services are very meaningful for the couples who take part with the aid of an interpreter.